The Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association (KEHA) is a volunteer organization that works to improve the quality of life for families and communities through leadership development, volunteer service, and education.
The organization was developed in cooperation with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Across the state, County Extension Agents for Family and Consumer Sciences work closely with KEHA members and clubs to provide educational programming and coordinate community activities.  


Shelby County Homemakers President: Carol Stine

Vice President: Barbara Payne     Secretary: Sharon Bernardi    Treasurer: Patti Kershner

Who Can Belong?

The Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association (KEHA) welcomes members no matter what their age, race, color, national origin, creed, marital status or sex. Fathers rasing families alone are finding solutions to their home-making problems in KEHA.

The program is of interest to all income levels. Any full or part-time home-maker, male or female, rural or urban, teenager or senior citizen and in-between, may belong to KEHA.

Homemakers gain new knowledge and skill that improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. Practical demonstrations and discussions are important parts of the meetings. Meeting plans are implemented by members of county associations, in cooperation with County Extension Advisors, on the basis of the latest resource data from the University of Kentucky.

You may also expand your horizons by attending county, state and national meetings and workshops that provide good fellowship combined with concentrated learning opportunities.

If you are interested in joining or starting an Extension Homemakers Unit in your neighborhood or community, please contact your County Cooperative Extension Office. The Family Consumer Science Agent can put you in touch with the presidents of local Homemakers Units who can inform you of meeting dates. They can assist you in finding out how you may start a unit in your community.

Spring 2019 State KEHA Newsletter: 

Shelby County Homemakers facebook:  @ShelbyCountyHomemakers