Welcome to the Shelby County Country Ham Project Page!

The 4-H Country Ham Project gives members two raw hams to take through the curing process. In August, they give a speech about the project and if completed, get two country hams to take home. To recieve hams after the State Fair, youth must complete all requirements, including attending project meetings and giving a speech at the State Fair. All project meetings are held at the Shelby County Extension Office. 

Registration for the 2022 Kentucky 4-H Country Ham Project has closed. Please check back next year.

2022 Country Ham Speech Contest Topics

Junior (born 2012-2008)

Discuss the difference between dry cured country hams and a wet cured city hams.  City ham is the term used by Southerners to describe what the rest of the country calls ham.  The production of city hams is extremely different compared to making country hams.  4-Her’s should discuss the difference between the hams, the difference in production methods, as well as the labeling difference of city and country hams.

Senior (born 2003-2007)

What is the economic and social impact country hams have on the Commonwealth of Kentucky?  Country hams are part of Kentucky’s food heritage.  Discuss how country hams impact Kentucky’s economy including the number of ham curers within the Commonwealth.  Moreover, discuss how the country ham is part of our food heritage and how it impacts our social gatherings.



If you would like more information on the Country Ham Project, please contact the Shelby County Extension Office.