**Please note that the best time of year to do sampling is the FALL.

AGR-16: Taking Soil Test Samples

AGR-200 Soil Sampling and Nutrient Management in Horse

Plant and Soil Sciences

The Shelby County Cooperative Extension office is happy to provide Soil Testing services to the Shelby County area FREE of charge. Please see the above publications availalbe through University of Kentucky for additional information on Soil Testing.

Soil bags are available at the Shelby County Cooperative Extension office (FREE).

A soil probe is available for use, again FREE of charge, to the community. Feel free to contact the office to ensure probes are availalbe and make your reservation at (502) 633-4593.

Problems understanding your soil test results? Contact your Shelby County Cooperative Extension office and speak with one of our professionals to get all of your questions answered. Corinne Belton, CEA for Agriculture and Natural Resources or Walt Reichert, County Horticulture Technician, will be happy to help you out with this at (502) 633-4593!

**Soil tests take approximately 14 working days to receive results. All results will be mailed once received at our office. A copy will be kept on file at the Shelby County Extension office for a limited time. If you need a past report, you must speak with Cathy Lyons at (502) 633-4593 or clyons@uky.edu.