Watch for 2017 hort classes

Dates and times are not set yet, but Extension will offer a large selection of horticulture and small animal classes next year.

 Next year, we will offer the Food Gardening series of classes that have been very popular over the last four years. We try to offer one at night and one during the day to accommodate as many interested people as possible. Those will likely start late winter.

 We will also offer the once-a-month series of gardening classes called Green Thumb Gardening. Those cover a wide range of topics and are usually on Thursday evenings. Some possible topics this year will be growing fruit trees, container flower and vegetable growing, plant disease diagnostics and lawn care. These classes are taught by Extension personnel, specialists and master gardeners. We also usually include at least one garden tour among the series.

 The Food Gardening and Green Thumb classes are all free, but we do ask that your register for the classes. Watch our newsletter or the Sentinel-News for more information. If you don’t get our newsletter and would like to, send an email to and we can get you signed up.

 Finally, probably in late spring, we hope to start another round of master gardener classes. If you are interested in those, send an email to the above address and we will put you on the “interested” list or call, 633-4593.

 We will also have a class on keeping poultry, probably in mid-winter. Stay tuned.